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Question by  dherrera (21)

How do I repair the return jet on my vinyl pool?

My jets are not working.


Answer by  DudeMann (40)

The jets themselves are non-mechanical and should just be a line running from the inlet back to the pump. Check for clogs at the pump and in the line, it may require snaking the line to clear obstructions. Also, make sure the intake vents for the pump are not clogged.


Answer by  Jonetra (66)

You should start at the return jet output and work your way back until you find the problem. Examine the return jet output and look for any obstructions. Examine the return jet lines for any obstructions. If none are found then examine the pump. An obstruction in the pump intake line can cause the jets not to work.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

You should be able to purchase a repair kit from a pool supply store, local hardware store or online. The method for repairing the return jet varies according to the type of jet that they are, where they are located and what is wrong with them. It may be cheaper to install new ones.


Answer by  james37 (37)

You might try fiber glass repare kit. It's important to wire brush all rust from the metal. After repairing you should use what's called rust converter on the metal which will seal it so no more damage from rust will acure

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