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Question by  harry43 (37)

How do I remove the alternator on a Dodge Intrepid?


Answer by  DackThrombosis (1093)

Disconnect the negative battery cable, remove plastic splash shield, drain transmission fluid, and detach the radiator support. Loosen the following: the T, pivot, and drive belt adjusting bolts. Loosen the terminal nut and remove the B+ wire. Disconnect the alternator's circuit plug and remove the pivot bolt. Remove the alternator.


Answer by  newpa11 (62)

I believe that you have to remove the alternator by first taking about the engine. After the engine is disassembled one then has to find the alternator and replace it with a new one. The alternator can then be tested by the service worker and reassembled into the engine.


Answer by  jmaxwell (12)

1. Disconnect the battery, negative lead first. 2. Release the tension and remove the serpentine belt. 3. Remove the alternator electrical plug. 4. Remove the alternator.


Answer by  johnwritters (67)

First disconnect the negative terminal of the batter and charge the battery. Then you must remove the belt usually with a 15 mil wrench then there are three to six bolts depending on what year and what engine it is and be sure to clean the battery terminal and test to make sure the batter is good.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

You will need to first pop the hood and disconnect the battery entirely, then you will have to remove the timing belt cover, remove the crank pulley's from the block and then detach the bolts for the alternator, when you reattach the bolts, make sure to use lock-tite or some other sort of sealant.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well the first thing to do is disconnect the battery. Then loosen the belt by moving the tensioner or alternator bracket. Then simply slide off the belt, disconnect the wires, and unbolt the alternator.


Answer by  hollowman (81)

it should be as simple as un-doing three bolts around the alternator its self, releaving the tension off the belt and removing the item. you will asol have to take off a terminal plug from the back, note which way this goes as you'l have to put it back on the right way on the new one


Answer by  pardhan (92)

TO remove parts from cars without experiece can be difficult, therefore if one has no experience in taking parts out then they should be advised to go and see a autoshop, there it can be done professionaly and properly, if you do know how to removie it then you can read the manual for instructions or see the internet.


Answer by  gbonez (86)

i would buy a manual on your car so you know exactly step by step what to do and what tools you need.

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