Question by  Angela58 (29)

How do I install recessed lighting over my pool tables?


Answer by  mg (219)

Your approach will depend on whether you have access to the space above (an attic) or not (ceiling space). You need to drill a circular hole in the ceiling, make the electrical connections, and push the fixture into place. The fixture should have complete instructions and a saw guide.


Answer by  Wildinjn (24)

Buy quality remodeling cans that are IC protected. Decide on a layout. Use the template to cut a hole in the ceiling. Use bx and bx connectors to connect and wire the cans to each other and finally bring one end of the bx down to a light switch to control the cans.


Answer by  Stardancer (295)

You need to drill a circular hole in the ceiling, make the electrical connections (color to color), and push the fixture into place and then install the retaining rings and trim rings.


Answer by  kencorley (61)

If closed ceiling with insulation use "IC" type fixture. No insulation: "P1" houing. A P1 is typical after drywall or remodel housing. IC type is for direct contact with insulation.


Answer by  LSK (51)

"LED Strip light" can installed with strong double side tape for the purpose. If owner would like to light up to view the entire pool table, then T5 LED Tube c/w fitting can be used for the purpose. As due LED just using small amount power, 2.5mm sq cable c/w cable trace shall be enough for the purpose.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

The hardest part of installing lighting in a ceiling is running the wires. If wires are already in place then use a hole saw to cut the recessions and link them together with a fused wire set.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

They make cut in remodel cans that you can use. You will have to simply run a switch to them and wire them up. The remodel cans work really well. Just make sure you use the template with them and cut them the correct size. Also make sure you are centered between floor joists before cutting.


Answer by  wmwitt (71)

Many, if not most, recessed light fixtures are designed to be installed from below, through the finish opening. Be sure there's room above the ceiling.

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