Question by  XjoshhyX (132)

How do I install a gang box?

The drywall has already been put up, but I'd like to install a gang box. How do I do this?


Answer by  dfgospgfj (164)

You'll need an "old work" gang box (the kind with flaps). Find a location in your drywall where there is NOT a stud. Cut a hole in the drywall the size of the gang box. Push the box into the wall and use a screwdriver to open the box's flaps.


Answer by  Randy76 (95)

They make what is called a "pop in" gang box. It is really simple to install. The most difficult part is cutting the hole the correct size.


Answer by  lwetzel2003 (37)

Use a cut-in box that is made to hold to the drywall and then feed the wire down the wall from the top of the wall.

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