Question by  worker8573 (17)

How do I go about setting up a peacock chichlid tank?


Answer by  eiryck (847)

In setting up a peacock chichlid tank, space factor needs to be considered. First, due to their aggressive nature and behavior, cichlids need a larger space and some spaces for hiding. In general, the bigger the tank's water volume capacity the better for the fishes as they would have a bigger environment.


Answer by  itsalright (23)

Set up a tank 30gal or larger. Let it filter the water for 2 weeks. Test water for ph, ammonia, and nitrate levels. If water tests within normal range, add fish. To avoid overcrowding, have no more than 1 fish for every 5gal of tank water. 30gal=6 fish max.


Answer by  Bearseph (66)

A peacock chichlid tank's set up is a standard tropical fish set up. You need gravel, a tank, a heater, and a filter. The temperature should be between 74-78 degrees.


Answer by  DEscobedo (135)

They need a lot of room, the smallest suggested tank being 30 gallons. They also prefer having places to hide. Havingrockery available is also highly suggested.


Answer by  Alan58 (98)

To set up a peacock chichlid tank, you must first sanitize the area you will be working in. If there is harmful bacteria present, it could cause irreversible damage to your peacock chichlid.

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