Question by  heloo98 (51)

How do I go about selecting bridles for horses?

I just got my first horse.


Answer by  partyanimal33 (452)

Bridles themselves come in four sizes, pony, cob, full and oversize. Most normal horses will wear a full size and take a 5' bit. Larger horses may be an oversize and wear a 5 1/2 bit and ponies will be smaller with usually a 4 1/2 bit.


Answer by  lemily33 (56)

If you're riding English you should look for an English bridle with a snaffle bit (a bit that has a joint in the middle and no leverage action). If you're riding Western you should look for a Western bridle and a bit with leverage action (shanks that extend down from the bit). Get information from the internet about checking fit.


Answer by  case (1261)

This will depend on what discipline you want to ride and how your horse has been trained. If you want to just trail ride then I would chose a western bridle with curb bit. I would only use a curb bit if the horse already knows how to neck rein.

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