Question by  Jancis (15)

How do I go about grounding a house?


Answer by  nicholas34 (606)

first you need to get a long long pole that goes about 5 to 7 feet over your houses hight then digg a hole and install


Answer by  fightfire50 (23)

The panel must be grounded to the copper water line with #4 bare copper looping the water meter. Also to two ground rods with #6 bare copper with continous loop.


Answer by  SRIHARISH (18)

Turn off the power to the house.Pound a metal ground rod at least 8feet into the ground.Attach a ground-wire clamp to the ground.Feed one end of length of 10guage ground.Attach the wire into the ground buss in the panel,make sure the neutral buss is in contact with the ground buss.


Answer by  msnuser111 (163)

the right way would be to drive a metal stake about 4-6 feet into the ground and attach that to the ground wire of the electrical system,the cheap/old way was to just attach it to the cold water line,but this only works if you keep all metal pipes from that point out to the street,no pvc.


Answer by  TMNT (120)

You consult--or hire--an electrician. Grounding a house is a big deal, like most electrical work, and is not well suited to DIY. The safety of your household is at stake.


Answer by  Shary (5)

Grounding a house requires the main line to be attached to an iron or copper pipe which is inserted deep into the ground.


Answer by  worker4439 (128)

The NEC requires two ground rods at least six feet apart. A wire connecting the two then runs to your eletric panels ground bar.


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

You can ground the panel with two ground rods. Simply the wire goes from your panel to the two ground rods outside in the ground.


Answer by  surajit (101)

Grounding a house is very inportant to our systems to prevent from lightening ,just collect a iron rod and select a wet area beside the house dig about one and a half metre put some water a mixer of coal then put the iron rod and cover it tightly connect a wire from the rod to make grounding.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

It should be a continuous ground running to the panel. All outlets will need to be connected back to this central ground.

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