Question by  Alex69 (32)

How do I go about getting discharged from the National Guard?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Review your enlistment contract. You signed on for a certain length of time to do service to your contract, the the government expects you to keep your word. You can't asked for discharge due impending deployment, a better opportunity, change of heart, etc. The alternative will haunt you forever.


Answer by  Aumlanka (291)

The best way would be to complete your term of service. If you do so and don't get into trouble you will earn an honorable discharge that will be great for your resume. However you can get into trouble or get hurt to get discharged.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There are very specific reasons why one is discharged from military service. Injury/illness/disease is one category that may result in one's ability to continue service. For the most part, however, reasons for discharge are quite serious, whether they are due to medical conditions or legal matters, which could likely result in a negative record.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

Members of any branch of the military are under contractual obligation, thus making separation less than simple. First, go to your immediate superior to discuss the reasons that you feel you need to be discharged. S/he will advise you of how to proceed relative to your situation as well as the policies of the National Guard.


Answer by  beth14 (133)

There are many circumstances for discharge, but you need to ask your personnel office what are the guidelines. You may also talk to your medical provider.


Answer by  AbbieThompson (175)

Any illegal activities, multiple citations, and other negative things will cause a dishonorable discharge. Medical discharges are given to soldiers who are medically unable to serve in the military.

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