Question by  SurR (103)

How do I go about getting a job after a dishonorable discharge?


Answer by  GreenThumb23 (46)

When applying for a job, there are certian things that you do not have to disclose. Check out your state Department of Labor website. You do not have to state your military status when applying or interviewing for a job. If you had a misdemenor or felony, you will have to disclose that on your application.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Just keep trying. Not all employers do background checks. The ones doing background checks will be the ones to see the discharge. Smaller businesses usually don't do background checks.


Answer by  dialfoust (220)

I would assume you would do it the same as everybody else. Go in, fill out an application, take a urine test, if it is required and if they need you and you have the experience that is needed in the area of work that you are after they will call.


Answer by  barkley38 (85)

Military experience is not required to be divulged on all applications. I would think that most employers would not take this into consideration depending on the reason for discharge.


Answer by  lylo (129)

Establishing yourself as a hard and dependable worker will go a long ways toward getting a job. Try volunteering for professional people who would be willing to write a reference.

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