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Question by  Gunaccbe (13)

How do I go about canning banana peppers?

I have canned other things but not banana peppers.


Answer by  lokindra (481)

Canning banana peppers is really no different than canning anything else. First decide how you want them canned (whole, sliced, chopped, etc). Then choose your canning solution - it's best to work from a full recipe, but most contain 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar plus salt, sugar, and spices to taste.


Answer by  bri41 (49)

After gathering your banana pappers, get your canning supplies ready. You'll want some Mason jars. Rinse off the peppers and slice them in nice chunks so many can fit in the jar. Add two cups of vinegar and a bit of salt. Seal and date.


Answer by  boxsofrain (207)

Rinse the banana peppers and slice them evenly. Put a them in mason hars with a clove of garlic and 1tbs crisco oil into each. Boil a gallon of vinegar, 1/2 cup of salt, 2 cups of sugar. Warm the mason jars. Add the liquid to the jars. Next date tighten and date the jars.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

Canning banana peppers is much the same as canning other produce--boil the jars to make them sterile,and make sure the lids are sealed.To make pickles,use salt and maybe spices.


Answer by  RachelW (932)

Banana peppers must be pickled before they are canned as part of the preservation process. They can be pickled in much the same way as cucumbers, with a few tweaks.


Answer by  Ginger (376)

Make sure you have a pressure canner as using a water bath on vegetables can create botulism in your food. Blister the peppers and remove skin or they will be too tough to eat. Cut and remove seeds and stems. Make sure they are crisp and firm. Old or limp peppers will ruin the whole jar and taste horrible.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

Since you've canned other things this is easy. If you want them pickled use approximately 10 cups of peppers, 2 garlic cloves, 4 C. white vinegar and pickling salt.


Answer by  cgrid76hotmailcom (545)

first wash the fruit you intend on using .Next decide weather you want them whole or cut up in to wheels.Take a big pot fill it whit water about half way with water.Then you put the peppers in the canning jars put the lids on them .Not the rings just the lids .

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