Question by  pookie123 (23)

How do I get rid of the ghost lines on my computer monitor?

I've heard magnets can work, but don't know how to use them. What other methods can I try?


Answer by  candllewax (24)

Ghosting is caused by the video signal being "reflected". The root cause is a mismatch of the impedance of the cable, to the computer. Use a high resolution SVGA cable.


Answer by  HTMLexpert (23)

First, make sure you don't have cable extender. Next, make sure no signal splitter on the monitor cable. lastly, try to darken your monitor background color.


Answer by  seshanranjhan (87)

First check the flow of electricity to you computer and maintain the same properly. Whether it is needed or not, check out the condition of the system regularly for safe.


Answer by  sweetheart19 (19)

I have had these colored lines on my screen, and every other month, another line pops up. I counted the lines and there are about 14. Is there any way to get rid of them? Thanks.

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