Question by  Anshul24 (9)

How do I get a vendor license?

I just found out that I needed one.


Answer by  onmyheart (91)

Vendor licenses are only issued to vendors with a fixed place of business. There are four types of licenses: vendor, service vendor, transient vendor, and delivery vendor. Depending on your state, the license will run you about $25. To apply for a vendor license, an application is required. Go to your state's government website to download the application.


Answer by  carol (1241)

It really depends on what State you're in and what type of vendor license you need. Start with the State Department of Taxation. Most vendor licenses are issued there.


Answer by  namename (43)

Depends on the state that you live in. You can contact your state's Department of Sales & Use tax and they should be able to guide you on procuring a vendor's license. Many states also also allow you to fill out the vendor license application and pay online to save you time.


Answer by  BestSuit (62)

Go to your local city offices. If you are selling food, whatever you are selling the food out of will need to be inspected. Also expect to pay a yearly fee.

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