Question by  seshanranjhan (87)

How do I find out where the Kansas Unemployment Office is?


Answer by  stormbringer (6)

Your best bet is to check your local telephone book. Nearly every phone book has a listing of government offices, usually at the very front of the book, often in a section all by itself. I have seen a couple of phone books the listing was buried in the white pages, so check there too.


Answer by  mattb6755 (15)

I would go the Kansas government website. If you don't know the website, just go to Google and search for the Kansas government website, then search for the unemployment office. Or use google to search for the Kansas unemployment office, then look for locations once on the site.


Answer by  HelpChat (494)

Your local phone book should have numbers of government offices. You can also do an internet search on Google for 'Kansas Unemployment Office'. If you put in your zip code it will help localize the search. If necessary, ask at the library or post office.

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