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Question by  melkor7 (30)

How do I find a good child psychologist?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Your pediatrician can make recommendations, as can the child's counselor at school. It is best to get referrals for your specific concerns rather than to simply choose a name from the phone book. Make a list of questions for the psychologist, once you get some names, and do a mini-interview over the phone before you make an appointment.


Answer by  timeismoney (994)

Try contacting the psychological association in your state through by searching for it on Google. There will likely be contact information and someone to help you with a good referral.


Answer by  lawanda1174 (33)

Good ways to find a child psychologist is research, both online and word of mouth. One can start with an online search. Many times concerned parents and guardians can find references and/or reviews just by typing in the psychologists name on a search engine. Word of mouth through other adults is a good way to locate a reputable child psychologist.


Answer by  Hannible (67)

It is difficult to find a good child psychologist. It has been in my experience, though, that the psychologists that have successfully worked for me over the years has been those that run the patient through a battery of tests, explain what they find, TEACH you what or about the mental health findings, and expect the patient to be proactive

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