Question by  redsol1 (35)

How do I check the Internet bandwidth for dial-up connections?


Answer by  ssumi (62)

In general at the time of purchase the ispns given all the details otherwise you go for site and provide username and password and check the account and user details


Answer by  ritujain (234)

After processing the dial up connection,the screen gives 'Connected' message;Click on the internet connection sign on the bottom right of the screen (system tray), the pop up will open with information if the internet i connected, how log has it been functional, and at what speed is the data transfer happening.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

There are a number of internet sites that will measure your bandwidth by pinging you computer. I use SpeedTest, they are easy and convenient, but there are numerous other sites. With a dial-up connection you are going to get a very low response with a high latency, you should upgrade if possible.


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

If you want to know what your ISP claims to offer, you could call them or check the website. If you want an accurate result, search on the internet for an internet speed test. This will test out your connection and display the results. If they are way off what your ISP advertises, you might want to contact them.


Answer by  worker8852 (129)

With the BuyTelco DSL and Cable Internet Connection Speed Test you will be able to: *Test uploading speeds for DSL, Cable, and Dialup bandwidth connections *Check downloading rates DSL, Cable, and Dialup bandwidth connections *Evaluate the effectiveness of your connection *Discover ways to optimize and improve

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