Question by  Totti (47)

How do I add an outlet to a wall switch?


Answer by  ttownbeast (341)

Switch off the breaker to the area where you plan on installing the outlet, sometimes these are not labeled so you will have to test the circuit first so you don't shock yourself. You may need to run wires from an existing outlet on the same wall and you will need a bigger box and wall plate to fit everything.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

In order to successfully install any electrical devices, it is best to hire a professional. Doing it yourself make sure that you turn off all of the power from the breaker box to that wall switch. Inside the wall behind the installation and between two studs, you will find some wires. Run those wires to the pre-cut for the outlet.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

This is dependent on whether or not you want the outlet to come on with the switch. If you do then you need to find the hot wire that goes to the light and feed your outlet otherwise feed the outlet with the switch feed wire and connect the neutrals.


Answer by  Wil (54)

By replacing it with a dual unit. A neutral cable should be added from the supply line, and a safety grounding cable should be connecte to the box itself.


Answer by  getThis (5)

Adding an outlet to a wall switch is not something that can be done easily without having to run new wires in a house. The switch normally only contains a live wire to be connected, not the hot wire or a ground that would be needed to add an outlet, thus rewiring the house may be required.

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