Question by  Cara (72)

How can you make friendship last?


Answer by  Cris77 (163)

You can make a friendship last by building it on a lasting foundation. The foundation must be built on trust reliability and caring. If it has these key ingredients then all one must do is maintain them to have a healthy and long friendship.


Answer by  jlia (79)

You have set aside time for your friend. As time goes on, various commitments arise, life events happen, but a good friend is worth making the time to call, visit with, and support.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

The friendship will last as long as you stay in touch and contact with the person. You do not even have to go out and do activities with the person; you merely need to keep that connection via talking, if not visiting, so that you are still in touch with each other.


Answer by  LillProphetsMom (71)

You must make time for your friends to do things together even if it's just sitting and talking.You must be a good listener when your friend needs someone to talk to.

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