Question by  heatherjrock (38)

How can I troubleshoot problems with a RCA stereo?

It skips a lot and sometimes won't play.


Answer by  worker3350 (49)

Try by first making sure that all the connection on the stereo are connected securely to the speakers. Second look to see if inside the stereo their are any loose or frayed wires. Make sure that the needle is in good working order and replace if the needle looks bent or worn.


Answer by  saltersproducts (25)

That could depend on a few things from the disc that you are playing especially if they are non-copyrighted material. The main problem mostly is dust that has gotten inside of the player. Usually buying a cleaning disc and solution will take care of this.


Answer by  JarrodG (42)

If cds being used in the stereo are clean and scratch free, the problem is most likely the laser lens being dirty, scratched, or misaligned. To clean the lens, purchase a cheap lens cleaning disc that has small brushes to clean the lens. If cleaning does not fix the problem then Contact RCA to arrange repairs.


Answer by  blais (55)

pick up a cleaning kit that you can from any retail store. if that doesn't work check the quality of the cd's (some burnt cd's are junk).


Answer by  Bryan (77)

First of all you have to pin point the problem you are having with the Stero. Then they have excellent on line materials to help you out at www. rca. com


Answer by  looneylopez (22)

It depends what kind of problems you have. If you are not getting power, try to change the power cord. Most RCA stereos have removable power cords.

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