Question by  wildthing (67)

How can I save a clip from a dvd?


Answer by  nimrod (321)

If you want to copy the entire contents to your computer then you just need to open the DVD and copy the folder VIDEO_TS to your hard disk. If you want just one portion of the video then it is necessary to use some dvd encoding software.


Answer by  udaya (10)

In my computer you select the dvd drive and click to open the drive then it opens and it displays the two folders namely audio_ts and video_ts you click the video_ts folder and then you double click, the folder opens there are files with. VOB extension files you now choose to copy the. VOB extension files in any folder etc. ,


Answer by  M85 (172)

First of all, you probably shouldn't for copyright reasons. If you do own the content on the DVD and have the rights to do so, you can try ripping the DVD into a format like. avi and then saving the chosen section with any video editing tool available.


Answer by  rjs108 (310)

There are both free and for fee professional software products that allow you to capture video off DVD. Once you get the clip off the DVD, you should use video editing software to save the clip. You can also playback the DVD with a DVD player and use a media converter to capture the clip to your computer.


Answer by  TechMan (18)

First, Insert the disk into a computer, containing a DVD-R drive. Next, Open My Computer. Then, Look for the DVD Drive (Sometimes (D:)) and double click it. Right Click on the folder called VIDEO_TS and choose copy. Go to desktop, right click (on an empty space) and select Paste.


Answer by  sneezy10 (151)

Most DVDs have a scene selection menu. Accessing this menu will allow you to select the clip you would like to watch.


Answer by  Cjc (299)

It depends on what kind of dvd. Licensed dvds are protected by copyright and you can not make copies from these dvds.


Answer by  majeiks (13)

In order to save a clip from a dvd, you need to attain the proper permissions and rights to do so. Circumventing this procedure may void copyright laws applicable in your area.

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