Question by  RafiqKanani (13)

How can I remove super glue from my hands?

I was trying to super glue a lamp and got it all over my hands, and now I can not get it off.


Answer by  MrsJames (79)

The best way to remove super glue is with nail polish remover with acetone. Depending on how much glue you have to get rid of, you can dab it on or soak the affected area. Once the glue is off, wash your hands well in warm soapy water so you don't have any remaining acetone.


Answer by  saraphillips (268)

To completely remove super glue use acetone which you can find in the health and beauty section. Soak hands in acetone and rub off the glue then wash hands well.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

Lye soap will get it off. You may have to scrub and it make hurt a little bit. You could also try to get one of those nail scrub brushes, too.


Answer by  smclaughlin (93)

There are products that you can purchase to remove super glue type materials from your hands. You can go to a store where they sell airplane kits, a hobby shop. They sell glue removers for this type of glue specifically.

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