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Question by  Shirota (30)

How can I move my old camcorder tapes to dvd?


Answer by  SriLanka (264)

You could buy a device to do this, but I think its best to use a professional who certainly should have a professional-quality converter. Lots of people buy these devices, and sell them after they are done on ebay, so you might give that a try too.


Answer by  Ernest (6)

You can buy a DVD player that also has a VCR built in. There are newer ones will actually allow you to record a VHS to a DVD. They are a little bit more on the expensive price but they are very useful.


Answer by  jennibii (184)

Well, you could go to a photo/video store that specializes in those kinds of things, such as Walgreens or CVS, or you could even buy a VHS/DVD converter, which can get a bit pricy.


Answer by  SimonLC (234)

You need a camcorder or a VK7 player and a DVD burner, which can be a computer with DVD recorder. Connect the tape player with DVD recorder with cables. It would be good to use the computer to record because there are several specific softwere to record images and sound on DVD, available for free on the Internet.


Answer by  sneezy10 (151)

The best way to transfer these old home videos is to buy a DVD buring DVD player. They run about $100. Simply plug the camera into the input and record.


Answer by  tushark1 (25)

This is a cool product you can buy that hooks to your VCR and then to your computer with a DVD burner and you can copy your tapes from the VCR to the computer and burn them to the DVD. Also you can go to google and make search for your requirements.

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