Question by  SueR (20)

How can I learn to play defensive tackle in football?


Answer by  danny25 (83)

Study from prominent defensive tackles at the highest levels, specifically the NFL and college football. Going to games and or practices at your local high school can also be benefical as you can see how the defensive tackles go through the minor details of the position that are very important up close and personal.


Answer by  philiwa (26)

I would make sure to study up on some athletes who have played in this position. You should also read up on the position and find a good coach to help you out.


Answer by  fieknasty (65)

You have to study defenses and how a tackle plays. You have to practice power, speed, and quickness. The defensive tackle is the plug in the hole. They have to be able to stop more than one person at a time and make it hard for an offense to create holes for the running back.


Answer by  Bowling300 (101)

Join your local football team if your a youth and the coaches there will teach you how to play the position. You must play the game to learn the positions.


Answer by  yayfootball (31)

Watching video of defensive tackles is one way. Either in highlights or watching a full game. The best way to learn is to actually practice and play the game.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

It all depends how old you are. First you need to tryout for the defensive tackle position. Get a great coach that can teach you what this position entails. Find out how strong you need to be and get prepared by working out and building up muscles. This position takes a strong person.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Learn how to stay low and get underneath the opposing offensive lineman's shoulder pads. Practice your stance, and getting quick off of the snap of the football.

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