Question by  Neelu (5)

How can I learn basic computer networking?

It would be helpful to know for my job.


Answer by  kdoggg (11)

Contact your local technical institute and sign up for night or weekend classes in computer networking, in a few months time you will learn the skills you need.


Answer by  idiotjones (705)

The best way is to selectively read relevant chapters of the "Computer Networking for Dummies" book. It gives a basic overview of Microsoft related networking topics, Cisco related topics, and Linux related topics. It also gives a list of reference books should you need to dive deeper in any relevant subject matter.


Answer by  chet13 (332)

Microsoft has a fairly simple walk through on setting up a network. As with any computer setup, nothing works correctly the first time, so prepare to repeat the process. Apple computers seem to be easy to network


Answer by  kwbell (36)

I would start on the internet. I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials with graphics and animations. Or, you could always go with home networking for dummies.


Answer by  alexdamian (192)

You can, for example, read some tutorials online. If you want better training, you can opt for a Cisco CCNA certification, which gives you important training and accreditation.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Either go online or purchase a book on the basic of networking. Do some research and you will be on your way to learning networking fundamentals.

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