Question by  dmawbey (6)

How can I help my brother he has liver cancer?

Is there anything that I can do he has beentold that it is over and they are treating him to end of life care... I am desperate he is only 51 years old.... is there anything that can be done


Answer by  naturalmom (211)

First, do not give up hope. Research possible alternative treatment methods or natural remedies that may help. There is no guarantee that they will work but they are options.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

In my opinion, I would get a second opinion. Just because one doctor told you something, it doesnt always make the statement true. If in fact, there is unfortunitly nothing that can be done, the best thing you could do for him is to just be there for him.


Answer by  bash (1026)

From your writing I understand you are closly attached to him. You may not have time to sit with him always. Try to be near him and pray to Almighty.

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