Question by  sungirl325 (22)

How can I get stronger in swimming?

I want to be a competitive swimmer, where should I begin?


Answer by  em (201)

The only way to become better at something is to practise. Try moves that will strengthen your leg muscles especially, annd you can also do exercises out of the pool to strengthen your legs (like biking or running). And stretching is always important to make sure your muscles are loose and ready for heavy exercise.


Answer by  PamelaK (264)

Practice swimming daily - at least 5 or 6 days a week. Learn and practice your strokes, work with your arms and legs separately. Then practice the whole stroke. Practice at least an hour a day, more if possible. Join a team, if possible. Then add weightlifting and another exercise to build your strength and flexibility.


Answer by  ravishanker (155)

First have a regular exercise and regular practice. start your competitive from the lower level only. Then surely you will get a courage.


Answer by  hrpoorna (155)

To be a stronger and professional swimmer you need a grater stamina, strong shoulder and broad back muscles so workouts are needed on that. Morning sessions must be used for swimming under time target method and record breaking methods to be followed up. Hold the breath under water, to increase the lung power.


Answer by  Parvinderkaur (84)

One can get stronger by practising more and more. You should increase your stamina by practising and use stop watch to check your speed. Also improve your technique of diving in deep water as it helps you increasing your speed.

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