Question by  Blue462 (26)

How can I fix my ipod if it will not turn on?


Answer by  Echo (229)

The last time this happened to me it was because I didn't turn it off correctly. Try plugging it back into its charger and attempt using it later.


Answer by  k (44)

When this happens, you can either: 1) Turn off your 'Hold' switch and then switch it on normally by pressing the 'PLAY/PAUSE' button on your clickwheel. Or 2) Reset your iPod by pressing the 'MENU' and Center buttons simultaneously for a few seconds (approximately 10 seconds) until the Apple logo appears on your screen. Repeat steps if necessary.


Answer by  Anonymous

I agree with k 16, try reseting your iPod.


Answer by  wehadthought (391)

First, toggle the on-off switch a couple of times. Then press and hold the menu and play buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.


Answer by  mindsweeper96 (21)

if it shows the itunes logo with the charger wire then it need to be restored. if it is jailbroken then plug the ipod in and redownload the software you used p.s. if it is jailbroken ignore anything itunes has to say while your redownloading the software


Answer by  justme (111)

Plug iPod into a wall socket to see if its battery is dead. If it does not turn on manually reset it by holding the menu and center click keys.


Answer by  melaniehopson (45)

You have to reset your ipod. Press the middle button and the top arrow at the same time. Hold both buttons down and wait for 5-10 seconds.


Answer by  Lisa49 (81)

Reset it. Put it on hold, then off hold, then on hold again, then off hold. Then press and hold the center and menu button at the same time.

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