Question by  vijay45 (6)

How can I find the name of a song by the lyrics?


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

The easiest way is to type the lyrics into any internet search engine. Usually you will get the song, along with the title, as one of the first results. If, for some reason that doesn't work, try calling the DJ at your favorite radio station. They have lots of knowledge about songs and songs lyrics.


Answer by  iggypop (111)

Two methods work best. Type the lyrics into google or yahoo search box. If you cannot find the song via a search, go to There is a searchable box you can drop down and select 'text in song'. This will return the name of artists and songs containing your text.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Use a search engine like or . enter the word "lyrics" along with a significant phrase you are sure of from the lyrics. Check the results for the title.

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