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Question by  adrian (16)

How can I express heartfelt thanks?

I never know what to say.


Answer by  Mia20 (150)

Heartfelt thanks is just that...thanks felt from your heart. Tell the person exactly why you are thanking them, and what their act of kindness meant to you!


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

People want sincere thank you's. Nothing worse then phony thanks. Look at cards and see that they say, you can see this and use your own words to express how you feel. You can always make a special dessert for them.


Answer by  lcm (132)

Be genuine. Say what you are thinking - even something like 'I don't know how I can possibly express how grateful I am' can work quite well if that is the case.


Answer by  tina77 (93)

Everyone enjoys being mailed a card in the mail to show them how much they are thought about and thanked.

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