Question by  emberlove (14)

How can I deal with founder in horses?


Answer by  Sagebrush (170)

Founder is best prevented, not managed. A horse who has been foundered in the past will need careful diet and shoeing care. A foundering horse must receive veterinary care immediately.


Answer by  tc085 (73)

Founder is a very dangerous disorder for horses, that can be deadly in the lamintis stage. one solution in the early stage is to soak its hoof in warm water.


Answer by  trailergirl (57)

How the horse is shawed can help this. Do some research about the heart bar and other shawing methods to alleviate the problem. You may have to just put her down.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

When a horse founders your horse is at high risk of death and other issues. You should call your horses Vet RIGHT AWAY to fix this problem. They will probably put your horse on medication and they will suggest what you are going to need to do to get your horse feeling better. Don't fool around with this, it's serious.


Answer by  Zuzu (200)

The earliest treatments are the most effective: anti-inflammatories, soft shavings, magnetic or leather shoe pads and really watch the horse's diet - obesity will antagonize the condition.

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