Question by  Diana12 (22)

How can I attract an Aquarius female?


Answer by  tanders (30)

You should approach her with a sincere compliment,ie your eyes are like moonbeams. Anything unusual and interesting, followed up by an intellectual conversation, such as time travel, numerology or your last visit to your guru. She will be intrigued and will enjoy the interaction. Be sincere, she will call you out on false statements.


Answer by  zodiacromance (11)

The Aquarius woman is very in tune with the modern world so your best route may be little texts letting her know that she's on your mind. Don't be surprised if hers back to you seem closer to just friendship because companionship is closely linked to romance in her personality.


Answer by  fig (71)

The best way to attract someone of this sign, whether male or female, is to emphasize your eccentricities as well as hers, and de-emphasize any conventional tendencies you or she may have. If you tell her she is a genius, she will merely shrug, but tell her she is weird and she will love it.


Answer by  Leah73 (71)

Be funny, be unique, be a rebellion, be smart,intelligent, hardworking. Be faithful and respectful. You should have the same taste in almost everything she does. I am an Aquarius female and these are always working for me.


Answer by  Delores100 (7)

Aquarius females love freedom and hate to be tied down. They are attracted to new and unusual activities, the more far out the better. They are also drawn to noble causes, so you might meet one at a rally or political convention.

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