Question by  jonathanboy (70)

Have you tried any of Maxalife's Health Supplements?

If so, did you think your health improved?


Answer by  fdemotte123 (8)

My health improved from taking Maxalife's MX Allergen & Sinus Formula. It helped me breathe better. I feel it also helped become decongested. I am happy with the product and I feel my health improved.


Answer by  Alan67 (71)

Yes I've tried them. And theres a reason there are mostly good reviews floating around of their supplements! Definately some of the best I have tried. I've tried the vitamins and the omega supplements, and I would say after taking them for some time that there was a slight improvement to my general well being.


Answer by  MavisP (6)

Maxalife's supplements gave me an added boost and improved my performance in the workplace, the gym, and in the bedroom.


Answer by  johnlucio (41)

Yes. I would say their MX Omega 3 Fish Oil is the best brand for an omega 3 in the world. Really Great tasting for me. It's Effective, pure and safe.


Answer by  sudhasuresh (3)

Yes,this make me feel very strong.&my helth impoved alot. Mentaly my stamina Incrised, & i am getting good sleep now dayes.what i had the problems befor, all are vanished now.

Reply by hagar (0):
Maxalife is a respected nutrition, health and wellness company that provides world-class anti-aging supplements and therapies based on advanced scientific information and research. They manufacture and supply only the highest grade nutritional health supplements, including omega 3 fish oil, glucosamine, 5-HTP and many more.
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