Question by  Dany (9)

Have you ever bought anything from Hunt's Camera?

Were you satisfied?


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

No I have not bought anything from there. I don't really trust buying any things from there I usually get all my stuff from Costco a store that I know will back up their policies. If the camera doesn't work from costco you still have a 90 day return to process.


Answer by  Bethski (33)

No, I have not. I have never even heard of Hunt's Camera. Perhaps it is only available online or in an area not near me. I would like to see one someday.


Answer by  sadagcyahoocom (5)

No, I have never bought anything from Hun`s camera beacause i had bought a camera from sony show room a long time ago & i was satisfied with that.

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