Question by  sarah72 (61)

During a dermatologist's skin exam, do I have to take my underwear off?

The exam is for a mole on my hip.


Answer by  Danie38 (85)

If the mole is easily seen without you removing your underwear, then of course not. if removing your underwear is necessary and the situation with a male dermatologist makes you feel awkward, you may always request to have a female nurse in the room.


Answer by  Anonymous

Studies have shown that a complete skin exam is not doen correctly unless all clothing is removed. You must take off everything including underwear, socks and jewelry until you are completely nude and put on a gown.


Answer by  Cyn (408)

You should not have to take your underwear off. The nurse will probably ask you to take everything off (other then your underwear,) and put on a gown. This will allow the Doctor to check out other parts of your body as well. You should be able to just roll down the side of your underwear to expose your hip.


Answer by  bash (1026)

It will depend upon the Doctor who examins you. While going to meet the Doctor, you go to him wearing a low waist underwear and easily removable pants. Don't feel shame to show your secret parts to a Doctor because examins hundreds of cases like this.


Answer by  emp (263)

You don't have to completely disrobe, but when it comes to your skin you really can't be too careful and you should make it as easy for your dermatologist to do a complete check as possible. I have had skin cancer and always completely disrobe.


Answer by  Anonymous

skin cancer is serious. The nurse should say take off "everything" and give you a hospital garment (that ties in the back). I would not feel like i had a good check if I were not nude. 10 minutes of embarrassment that could save your life.

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