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Does Sprint use a sim card?


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Most Sprint phones do not use a SIM card. Sprint used CDMA technology which does not use SIM cards. Only GSM carriers use SIM cards. That would include AT&T and T-Mobile. However, some Sprint phones do contain a SIM card if they are labeled a world phone. The SIM card is only used when not in the US.


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Sprint doesn't use sim cards. They are like Verizon wireless. They use a more strict and safer network called GSM. With sim cards yes you do have the opton of swapping phones but you also are open to hackers and many other things but with the GSM you dont have to worry bout that

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Actually Sprint uses a CDMA network not a GSM network At&t is an example of a GSM phone carrier  add a comment

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I SIM card identifies a particular cellular phone and associates it with a number. A cellular phone companies, including Sprint, use them. Most, if not all, cellular phones require them in order to be able to function properly. It is worth noting, however, that SIM cards can vary by company and by phone model.


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My Sprint iPhone 4S has a SIM Card.

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