Question by  bucknut (10)

Does a landlord have to give a tenant a three day notice?


Answer by  patti (29325)

A notice for what? First, check the lease for various agreements about notices (to enter, to vacate, to make repairs, to show the unit, etc.) Then the tenant-landlord laws in your state for more info.


Answer by  Mia20 (150)

Depends on what the notice is for, and what state you live in. In Colorado, the landlord has to give 24 hour notice before entering the home (unless there's an emergency).


Answer by  DogWoman (8)

A landlord has the legal right to give tenant a three day notice to either remedy a lease violation, or to pay back-due rent. Example of a lease violation would be having an animal on the premises where it is not authorized. If past-due rent is not paid within the 3-day notice, tenant could be asked to move out.

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