Question by  Milyca (41)

Do you need any experience to work as a window washer?

I found an advertisement for a window washer position in NYC and would like to apply.


Answer by  joe83 (68)

Yes you need experience working in elevated areas exposed to changing weather conditions. You also need knowledge of and experience in use of safety tools used by climbers and in highrise construction. You cannot be afraid of heights. You must also be a member of the union as you will not be able to work without proper documentation in NYC.


Answer by  sususu (866)

It depends on what the advertisement specifies. It helps if you have experience with cleaning, but it never hurts to apply. Good luck!


Answer by  lylo (129)

Before I would apply I would go to the Dollar Store, buy a squeegy and practice at home or on friend's windows. There is no reason to state you have no experience... take a couple hours and get some experience so you can state you have SOME - not a lot.

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