Question by  jthen (28)

Do you eat the shells from pumpkin seeds?


Answer by  critesb1 (224)

Yes, you can eat the shells of a pumpkin seeds. The seeds are all so good for you. Pumpkin seeds can be cooked or baked. Both are good for you. Thoroughly dried and toasted have been the most common ways to eat pumpkin seeds. Ones over cooked will be sharp and may hurt your mouth or tongue.


Answer by  griffinej5 (49)

Usually, I eat the shells from pumpkin seeds, along with the insides. It is difficult to separate the pieces, and is easier to eat them whole. Baked and sprinkled lightly with salt, the shells taste very good.


Answer by  baltimore (23)

I do indeed eat the shells. A number of people do not, but I do. I find them tasty, particularly after they have been salted and roasted. If you do not, perhaps you should use this recipe.


Answer by  Buf (39)

There is no medical or nutritional reason not to eat the shells. It is entirely a matter of personal taste.


Answer by  Anonymous

Hell yes

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