Question by  Riya (9)

Do T-Mobile phones use SIM cards?


Answer by  Turgon (41)

Yes. T-Mobile phone use regular SIM phone cards. You can use them with most brands of cell phones and if you already own one, you can transfer it to a new phone and keep most of your settings.


Answer by  taylor801 (246)

T-Mobile does provide SIM cards in their phones. You can transfer these SIM cards from phone to phone, but only from one T-Mobile phone to another. For example, you could not use a T-Mobile SIM card in an AT&T cell phone. This makes it easier to save and transfer information from phone to phone, if you keep the same service.


Answer by  Chelsey (201)

Yes T-Mobile is a GSM cell phone company which means they use sim cards. You can use T-Mobile phones, unlocked ATT phones, or any other unlocked phone on T-Mobile service.


Answer by  bosepe (25)

Yes,in european countries they do. Although I am not really sure about the rest of the world nor the United States.

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