Question by  Bob71 (27)

Do pets have the same astrological system as humans?

I want to study my dog's horoscope.


Answer by  dogstarz (40)

Yes, they do. As with human astrological charts, a horoscope for your dog (or any other pet) would be based upon the time, date and place of birth. If the time of birth is not known, you can use noon or have an astrologer try to rectify the chart.


Answer by  fig (71)

Your pet will exhibit more often than not the qualities associated with the sun sign that was in effect at the time he was born. Therefore sun signs apply as much to pets as to humans. Many astrologers feel that the moon and planets influence pets in the same way.


Answer by  ptb (12)

Yes, all of the living creatures on this Earth have the same astrological calendar. Being that your dog is a different species, general horoscope readings may not be accurate. I would recommend going to see an astrologer to see if they can create a more specific horoscope for your dog. He/she should be able to provide you with more information.

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