Question by  patgue2001aolcom (27)

Do horses get sunburned?


Answer by  worker3269 (29)

Like humans, horses (particularly those with fair pigmentation) are sensitive to the sun's ultraviolet rays and can get sunburned. A breed especially prone to sunburns is the Paint Horse. Because Paints often have sun-sensitive pink lower-eye rims, tattooing this area is a permanent solution to sunburn.


Answer by  lwarlick (121)

Yes horses do get sunburned. The most common place they get sunburned is on the end of their noses, especially in the summer. This can cause skin cancer. You can prevent/treat sunburn by putting a commercial moisturizer for equines with sunblock on their entire nose, or just use zinc oxide. Zinc is much cheaper and tends to stay on longer.


Answer by  lalaland (238)

Some horses do, yes. If a horse is light in color, it can get sunburned if exposed to the sun for too long. Dark-colored horses don't, unless they have light/white spots. If your horse has to be out in the sun, try using some sunblock on it. The kind used on small children is safe for horses.

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I have a sorrel th/gh cross that is black skin. He has been getting sunburned. I have been putting lotion with 50 protection and putting a long-nosed flymask on him. He still gets sunburned. So now I am switching to PM turnout. Never before this year. Hes 12.  add a comment

Answer by  peach (138)

Yes, horses that are white are prone to sun damage and sum burn. Be sure to especially treat their noses.

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