Question by  Ranger1398 (33)

Did Brad Pitt go to college?

He is a talented actor, and I have always wondered if he went to school, and where? Did he go to school for acting?


Answer by  malone (4817)

The PR states that Pitt left U Missouri weeks before graduation, thus implying that he is a genius. WHO leaves college a few weeks before graduation??? Note how much speaking his handlers allow him to do in public. Uh huh.


Answer by  Flower (92)

Brad Pitt attended the University of Missouri starting in 1982. His major was journalism, with a focus on advertising. Just weeks before he was to graduate he left the university without a degree and moved to Los Angeles (LA), California. Once in LA he took on several odd jobs to pay for acting lessons with coach Roy London.


Answer by  greenv (39)

Brad Pitt attended the University of Missouri as a journalism major. He left school to move to California and pursue acting, with only two credits left before he would have earned a degree.

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