Question by  wdwfan (13)

Can you use distilled water in an aquarium?

I am concerned about build up of ammonia in my aquarium.


Answer by  shil (171)

Yes, we can use distilled water in an aquarium. But it is better to avoid distilled water, because distilled water will be having no minerals in it. If you are that particular about using distilled water, you may use it, but remember to add essential minerals in distilled water before you use it.


Answer by  amietti (27)

Some distilled water can be used in small amounts, such as replacing evaporated water. However, fish need the minerals found in tap water (but not distilled water) to survive. To lower ammonia, try changing 25-50% of the water (it can be the regular water you use).


Answer by  mariama (32)

Sure,we can definitly use distilled water in an aquarium. There is no chance for ammonia build up in distilled water. Every impurites in water will ran off while distillering.


Answer by  Mary15 (347)

Distilled or pure water is usually not preferred in aquariums as they affect the hardness of the water which can in turn affect the living environment for the fish.

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