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Question by  MichaelKearney (10)

Can you tell me how to replace the alternator belt in a Nissan Quest?


Answer by  wildfire (135)

Find the tension pulley or adjustment bolt and release the pressure on the belt. Remove the belt and replace the new belt the same way the old one came off. Release the pulley to normal position or tighten the adjustment screw(s) but do not over tighten the belt, for you may mess up the new belt


Answer by  bikerbojo (282)

You'll need a special tool to untension the belt. Check the diagram or draw one so you get the serpentine belt back on in the correct order.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

I think on cars with serpentine belt you need to loosen the idler pulley to get slack on the belt so it can be removed. Not knowing what year your Quest is I can't give you exact directions. Usually it's easier to loosen the pull from underneath the car.


Answer by  mayi (212)

the alternatar is hard to change so you need to slowly replace it by a well trained professional who can show you all the tips to changing and making yourbelt effective at any leveel this is nto an easy task and should be handled with extreme care and precaution to do it right.

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