Question by  MatthewM (100)

Can you suggest some clever ideas for homemade wedding invitations?

We're on a really tight budget.


Answer by  michiyo (97)

When you print your invitation you should consider a nice quality of paper, if it's scented or not. After that, roll the paper, add a ribbon and some design.


Answer by  lillybby (359)

Buy a stack of nice looking paper at a craft store. Print the info and tape together. Make them on the smaller side and youll save lots of money.


Answer by  Quis (204)

How about cards shaped in the picture of you house and a picture of where you live. Or just simply mail personal cards to each person. This may take time but it saves money and will give each a special touch.


Answer by  Flo (14)

You should send them some cookies. Yes, some cookies with a little letter inside them on which you're inviting them to your wedding. It's a good idea and an original one too.

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