Question by  viveksubba (23)

Can you ride horses in Rocky Mountain National Park?

I would like to do this if is allowed.


Answer by  JJP (360)

You may only ride with a special ranch permit. I would check with dude/horse ranches in the area to see if you can go on a horse excursion


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Actually you can! They have guided tours with people from horse farms. I doubt however you could ride one along the rocky trail on your own.


Answer by  amtcura66 (1340)

You can do anything you put your mind to. It is a matter of if they will allow it or not. If you have to actually ask if it is allowed or not, then you probably shouldn't be doing it int he first place. Also, if they allowed you to, then there would be a sign.


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

Yes. There are a variety of trails to ride in the park and in the Roosevelt national forest. There is a stables in the park also.


Answer by  John81 (154)

Yes. Like most national parks however, there are specific rules governing land use. the park service has maps of designated trails and area specific rules for back country available online.


Answer by  grammybarbj (572)

Yes you can ride horsed in Rocky Mountain National Park. There are several stables there to get the animals from and also trail guides.


Answer by  jpankow (103)

Yes, you can ride horses in Rocky Mountain National Park. You will have to go to a horse ranch and go on a guided tour, as they are trained where to take you. Have fun!!


Answer by  ARichard (138)

Yes you can! There are hundreds of horse trails in the park.Different liveries provide guides and horses in the summer and fall. You can also bring your own horse. Just check the list of trails to see what's open when you visit.


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes, check out Wind River Ranch!!!!! They are Great!!! I take my family every year, for the past 6 years.


Answer by  mick37 (0)

Horses and ponies, as well as other pack animals, can travel about 80% of the park trails, although ome may be closed due to weather or seasonal conditions. Traveling off the trails or cross country is not allowed. You can bring your own horse, or you rent a horse at one of the stables inside or outside the park.


Answer by  Appaloo2u2 (32)

Yes, you can ride horses in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The park has over 260 miles available for horse use. You can either ride your own or you can hire horses with guides. There are two places on the east side where horses with guides can be hired and several different locations outside the park as well.

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