Question by  Neko (13)

Can you legally divorce your parents?

I've seen this on movies, but I want to know how to do this, what age you need to be, etc.


Answer by  Abraham (38)

Yes you can legally "divorce" your parents. The legal term for the process is called emancipation. The laws surrounding emancipation vary by state and the minimum age to apply for emancipation is typically 18 years old, but may be a bit higher depending on what state you live in. The first step is to contact an attorney.


Answer by  maugemaria (74)

Yes, if a minor is living with an abusive parent or the parent(s) seem to be unfit to raise the child, the child can legally emancipate to be freed from the control of the parents.


Answer by  CLynique (130)

You can petition a judge for emancipation. You must be at least 14, have no objection from parent, ability to support self, prove emancipation would be benifical for you.


Answer by  johnman (72)

Yes you can but the ages vary from state to state. You need to prove to a judge that you can take care of yourself financially though.

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