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Question by  maritzae (49)

Can you give me some suggestions for a name for a horse?

Its' a female.


Answer by  noeleenhart (37)

It is essential that you look at aspects other than gender for your choice of name. If your mare is gray, a cloud name such as Nimbus would suit. A dark mare could be named Noir, French for black or Bianca,Italian for white. A paint mare could be given the name of an Indian tribe such as Chippewa.


Answer by  ShadyoFayx (17)

A female horse's name should be beautiful and elegant. Like Shadow, or Firefly. She should have a whimsical name, one that gives her an aura around her of true elegance. Felicity or Felicia are good names for a horse that has potential for winning some grand event. Here are some of my suggestions: Shadow, Firefly, Felicity, Felicia, Misticfreedom, Autumnsun.


Answer by  LaurieF (211)

A registered horse is often named with some combination of or play on the names of the dam and sire. Otherwise, name your mare after some physical or behavioral characteristic.


Answer by  JJ24 (177)

The name should be something that has meaning to you. If you want something more feminine look up flowers, birds, colors, and shakespearean names for inspiration. If you want a name that is strong or unique try researching celtic, greek, or norse mythology. You could name your horse after a goddess or creature.

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