Question by  Ajaye (9)

Can you give me a review of chocolate phones?


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

The LG Chocolate was a cutting end phone that came out almost 4 years ago now. The phone has since underwent many changes and upgrades and it is still competitive. This is considered one of the highest end phones you can have that is not a smartphone and is recommended for advanced users that do not need a smartphone.


Answer by  CindiLouB (96)

Chocolate phones, otherwise known as "candy bar" phones, are long and slim. Designed to fit easily in your hand, have a single surface for the keypad and display screen. While not the best design for quick texting, chocolate phones are great for making calls. The style, however, is becoming obsolete with the advance of touch screen phones.


Answer by  arti (9)

The camera quality is very poor and sluggish. The touch pad can be annoying, and keyboard is cramped and makes it easy to dial the wrong number.

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