Question by  sudharaj04 (17)

Can you get Dr. Who on DVD for Region I?

When I was in Great Britain, they only had DVDs that would play there. I am in the US.


Answer by  Jaw38 (7)

Absolutely! Search for the DVD sets you'd like from an American retailer. If you purchased your DVDs in Great Britain and brought them with you, consider getting a region-free DVD Player or use a Playstation 2, which also plays DVDs from any region.


Answer by  Magen (36)

You can get Dr. Who DVDs for North America. Your best bet at finding them is probably online somewhere like amazon. If you can't find any, check your dvd player's region setting to see if it can play PAL format. If so, you can use the DVDs from Great Britain.


Answer by  Gareth (40)

The region system allows motion picture producers and distributors to control aspects of marketing for films including price and release date. DVDs purchased in Britain would be in region 2 and would not play on a US machine. British video has however come a long way, Popular titles, like Dr. Who, can be purchased at Amazon and other retailers.


Answer by  Draconon (26)

Yes Dr. Who can be purchased in Region I format by purchasing it through an American retailer or through an online retailer like Amazon


Answer by  denver (11)

Yes, you can get Region 1 DVD's of Dr. Who. You can also download it from the itunes store, both the new post-Davies series plus the classics.

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