Question by  Brad (34)

Can you explain the 245I immigration law?

I do not understand the 245I immigration law.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

245I allows people who cannot keep their residence legal in the United States through regular means to change their status.


Answer by  tyann (54)

It is designed to help people who are in the United States illegally. This includes people who entered the United States illegally as well as people who entered with a visa but remained in the United States after their visa expired


Answer by  LDAV45 (24)

Under this law if immigrant has entered the country illegally, they can pay a $1000. 00 fine and be allowed to stay legally. This is an alternative to the current system which calls for their return to country of origin along with a 3-10 yr. ban on re-entry.


Answer by  allergictome (69)

Section 245(I) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act allows certain immigrants who overstayed their visa or entered the US without inspection to pay a fine and apply for adjustment.

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